Neuroanthropology Network Newsletter

[Updated: 8 November 2000]

In the fall of 1988, Charlie founded a network of scholars and a newsletter that he called the Neuroanthropology Network Newsletter which was distributed to anthropologists and other professionals interested the brain and culture.  the intent of the project was to encourage discussion among neurologically trained theorists and researchers and act to bring them together to explore their mutual interests.  The project resulted in a number of symposia at professional meetings, as well as sharing of ideas through networking.  It also produced some four years of the quarterly newsletter. 

The copies of the NNN have heretofore been considered rare documents, as only something like 50 copies were ever printed of each issue.  Here for the first time the entire run of the newsletter is made available to people wishing to download copies and read them.  Articles in the NNN should be referenced in exactly the same way that any other journal or newsletter would be, and copyright of each article is held solely by the respective author(s).  Quoting these articles should be by permission of the author only.

The following files are in HTML format to make it easier to consult on-line.  Please note however that this format does not preserve the formatting of the original newsletter. 

NNN Comprehensive Bibliography

Fall, 1988 (first issue)

Winter, 1989

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