The Mirror of the Brain

by Charles D. Laughlin



Chapter One: An Introduction to Biogenetic Structuralism 1

Chapter Two: Neurophenomenology 35

Chapter Three: The Nature of Intuition 55

Chapter Four: Training for Contemplation I: Transcendental Phenomenology 85

Chapter Five: Training for Contemplation II: Buddhist Satipatthana Meditation 112

Chapter Six: Neurophenomenology of the Dot 134

Chapter Seven: Neurophenomenology of Intentionality and Time Consciousness 165

Chapter Eight: Neurophenomenology of Visualization 191

Chapter Nine: Neurophenomenology of Gender Attribution 222

Chapter Ten: Neurophenomenology of Social Experience 251

Chapter Eleven: Neurophenomenology of Benevolence 283

Chapter Twelve: Conclusion: Neurophenomenology of Mature Contemplation 309

Bibliography 327

                                    The End