Pictures of Chogye Trichen Rinpoche

These are pictures Charlie took of Chogye Rinpoche during his various visits to Lumbini and Kathmandu during the early 1980s.  Feel free to use them, giving credit: "photo by Charles Laughlin."

These small pictures are thumbnails.  Click on each to see the full picture.

Chogay & Sakya Trizin.jpg (57136 bytes)Rinpoche at a wang kur with His Holiness Sakya Trizin

Chogay Rinpoche & Dog.jpg (56979 bytes)Rinpoche with his dog

Chogay Rinpoche & Longlife Blessing.jpg (66621 bytes)Rinpoche giving long life blessing

Chogay Rinpoche & Monks.jpg (40184 bytes)Rinpoche and monks at his monastery in Bodhinath, Kathmandu

Chogay Rinpoche & Visitors.jpg (60861 bytes)Rinpoche and visitors in Bodhinath

Chogay Rinpoche at Ceremony.jpg (54492 bytes)Rinpoche giving long life ceremony at Lumbini, Nepal

Chogay Rinpoche Eating.jpg (69416 bytes)Rimpoche having some noodles

Chogay Rinpoche Initiating Monks.JPG (38575 bytes)Rinpoche initiating monks in Lumbini

Chogay Rinpoche on Throne.jpg (59402 bytes)Rinpoche on throne in Lumbini