Biogenetic Structuralism

[Updated: 3 June 2003]

Biogenetic structuralism is a body of theory which explains the interactions between brain, consciousness and culture in the production of individual experience. As such it is an interdisciplinary theory that draws from anthropology, phenomenology, neuropsychology, modern quantum physics and parapsychology. You may wish to read the short description of biogenetic structural theory by clicking "synopsis" below. 

Eugene G. d'Aquili & Charlie Laughlin in 

Gene's library while working on their first book (1973)

If you are interested in the history of biogenetic structuralism from my own vantage point, click "history." If you have questions pertaining to the methodological issues raised by biogenetic structuralism, click "methodology." If you would like to read some of our articles by various topics of interest, click "selected articles." You may find the glossary useful in making sense of our technical terminology (click "glossary").

Self-Guided tutorial in biogenetic structuralism

Click here to enter a self-guided tutorial in biogenetic structural theory for the first time . Learn the basic tenets and concepts of this perspective that integrates what we know about human culture and consciousness with what we know about the evolution and development of the brain. If you are returning to the tutorial, go directly to the index .

Synopsis of biogenetic structural theory

The synopsis gives you a brief outline of biogenetic structural theory. It describes some of our key concepts and relations. If you find any of these terms confusing, you may wish to consult our glossary below. If the general theory interests you, you may wish to read more technical papers grouped by selected topics below.

History of biogenetic structuralism

Here I present a very personal account of how my part of biogenetic structuralism came to be experienced, thought and written. I mention how I came to meet the major players in the development of our group, and some of the key experiences that have left their mark on my thinking.

An Ibis in the Tree

A short book based upon a series of lectures I gave during two graduate seminars on biogenetic structuralism during 1986 at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. The seminar lectures and discussions were taped and transcribed, and only a handful of copies of this photocopied document have heretofore been in existence.  This is a reflection back in the mid-1980s at a decade and a half of the development of biogenetic structural theory.  

Biogenetic Structural Studies of Religion

Here is an article that was first read before the Northeastern Anthropological Association in 1997.  It summarizes the various approaches we have taken to the study of religion, spiritual paths, meditative practices, transpersonal experiences and the training of transpersonal anthropologists.

Methodological issues in biogenetic structuralism

Questions have been raised about how to do biogenetic structuralism in comparative research, and about the impact of the perspective on the epistemology of science. Here I discuss some of these issues and give a bibliography of our writings dealing with these issues.

A glossary of technical terms in biogenetic structuralism

This glossary of the technical terms used in biogenetic structural theory may be useful to you in better understanding our articles and books. Let me know if any of these definitions can be improved.

Selected articles by topic in biogenetic structuralism

A number of our articles and papers are stored here under various topics. this will be especially useful for those of you with distinct interests in mind. You also may find the bibliographies that accompany most of the papers to be useful.

Mirror of the Brain: Towards a Mature Neurophenomenology

 The Mirror of the Brain is a book that I completed, but never published.  It was intended as a sequel to the book Gene d'Aquili, John McManus and I did entitled Brain, Symbol and Experience (Columbia University Press, 1990).  But I never bothered to seek a publisher for the volume.  It has lain dormant since the early 1990s when I finished it.  The book discusses the implications of a mature neurophenomenology and how one may train oneself to become a mature contemplative.  It compares western phenomenological paths with eastern Buddhist paths.

Biogenetic Structuralism Bibliography

This will give you a fairly complete bibliography of those books, articles and chapters that I have been involved in writing. This list does not include documents and books I have written and have yet to publish.

Neuroanthropology Network Newsletter

This link will take you to the full four year run of the Neuroanthropology Network Newsletter that Charlie founded and edited between 1988 and 1992.

E-mail Charlie

If you are seriously interested in some aspect of biogenetic structuralism, and wish to ask for more information, or expansion on some aspect of our work, send an e-mail message here and Charlie will get back to you on it.

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