Charlie's Paintings

Updated: 16 July 2003

Paintings marked with a red O are not owned by Charlie.

Horizon   This painting depicts the state of consciousness of the mature contemplative just before entering a portalling  experience.  The experience may be like whizzing down an ever changing and unfolding tunnel with perhaps bright light at the end.  O

Portholes   A color pencil drawing, done while on a meditation course held aboard a freighter circumnavigating Africa, suggesting the infinite number states of mind of which human consciousness is capable, some focused upon material existence, others focused upon archetypal images from the collective unconscious.  O

Space Worms
Space Worms   A fanciful vision of space beings flitting toward the Dharma.  This is the kind of archetypal vision that may arise during meditation retreats.  In some cultures these might be interpreted as radiant beings or spirits.  It is always important to distinguish between the perception and the interpretation.  O

Warp of Consciousness
Warp of Consciousness   The warps of consciousness between more enduring phases (or states) of consciousness are relatively momentary, and yet they have a disproportionate causal influence upon the succeeding phase.  Warp control is often the key in meditation to controlling subsequent experiences.  O


Tornado   When the conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche interact, turmoil may ensue.  Just gotta ride it out with as much awareness as we can muster and learn what we can about ourselves. O

Enfoldment   The spark of our consciousness is forever caught within the ebb and flow of the very energetic universe.  Cling not, for there is no thing to cling to.  O

Five Canucks Waiting in Line in a Snow Storm   Humans are primates, and do things in a very primate-ish way -- like mindlessly following leaders and doing things a certain way just cause that's the way it's always been done.  O

In the Bardo   Part of the process of awakening is coming to recognize the warps between phases of experience.  Yes, including the warp between this life and the Beyond.

Behind the Veil 1   Behind the veil or our brain's sensory productions lays the essential structures of the mindbrain.  We need to explore these and come to realize how much we are involved in producing the world of our experiences. O

Behind the Veil 2   Behind the veil of appearances are dynamic patterns of energy and the invitation to realize the Essence of Mind.  O

Behind the Veil 3   At some point in our meditations upon mind, the seeming stability of objects melts away and we see the dynamic flux of energies, and then come to the series of Lights leading to the realization of the Clear Light of the Plenum Void.  O

Hypnagogic in Yellows   Dreamscapes point the way to the essence of mind.  Under the Clear Light the illusion of solidity melts away.

Rune and Radiant Reality   Pith symbols are landmarks on the path, but they can never be the path itself.  The finger pointing at the moon is only useful so long as you are seeking the moon.  O

Two Towers   Reflections from the dreamscape of the significance of the Two Towers in the esoteric Tarot.  As the differentiations dissolve in awareness, fragmented energies flow together and reality is revealed.

Attractions on the Way.jpg (52551 bytes)

Attrections Along the Way  The mind is distracted by the glitter world on its path toward the transcendental.

In the Temple.jpg (64728 bytes)

In the Temple   In the crystal-clear contemplative state, the Watcher is aloff from the flotsam arising and passin in the stream of consciousness.  It knows that everything that arises in consciousness is a pile of dots.