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[Updated:  20 Sept 2005]

Charlie Laughlin (Portrait in acrylic on canvas by Isa Cote)

You are in the right place if you want to know something about Charlie's professional life. Charles D. Laughlin, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Religion (he retired in 2001) in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6; Ph: (819) 459-1121, E-mail: .  He is also adjunct professor of religion at the University of Ottawa.  The pictures below are thumbnails and may be enlarged if you click on them.

Charlie has been a professor at Carleton University since 1976, and between 1970-1976 at the State University of New York at Oswego. He took his Ph.D. (1972) and M.A. (1968) at the University of Oregon, and his B.A. degree (1966) in anthropology at San Francisco State College. He completed a one year (1973- 1974) postdoctoral program as a senior fellow of the Institute of Neurological Sciences, University of Pennsylvania.  Charlie has done ethnographic fieldwork in a number of venues over the course of his 30-odd years in anthropology.  He originally spent a year in the field with the So (aka the Tepeth or Tepes) of Northeastern Uganda, a mountain dwelling pastoral and horticultural people who present an enduring mystery with respect to their historical roots.  He completed his doctoral dissertation on the ways the So adapted to extreme resource deprivation during a period of severe drought.  

Charlie in Soland.JPG (44361 bytes)

Ethnographer in Soland

More So pictures

He later became more interested in consciousness, and particularly in the ways that societies have of structuring, driving and interpreting alternative states of consciousness.  This interest eventually led him to live on and off in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Nepal, India and elsewhere as a Buddhist monk (7 years), and to become an avid meditator in both Eastern and Western traditions.

Ethnographer sitting with his fellow Tibetan monks at puja in  Chogay Trichen Rimpoche's monastery in Lumbini, Nepal, 1982.

Pictures of Chogye Trichen Rinpoche

This was an intense time involving many trips out to Nepal and India and Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, and the experience of all the various versions of Buddhist tradition.  Often Charlie would be accompanied in his wanderings by the Ven. Chee Han Seng, a very knowledgeable monk, fluent in Tibetan and half a dozen other languages.  The photos below were all taken in the early 1980s.

Charlie studying Tibetan book.jpg (50740 bytes)In his room in Chogye Rimpoche's monastery in Lumbini

Venerable Chee Han Seng and Venerable Ngawang Thenle Oser wandering through Malaysia, during June, 1985.

Charlie & Khempo Appey Rimpoche.jpg (43287 bytes)With Venerable Khenpo Appey Rinpoche, then the Principal of Sakya College

Monk in market.jpg (50611 bytes)Shopping in an Indian market

Monks at table.jpg (41457 bytes)Monks at table in Bodhinath, Kathmandu

In the early 1990s, however, Charlie's interests turned to the remarkable philosophy, symbolic system and ritual healing practices of the Navajo people who dwell in the American Southwest.  He has spent six periods of fieldwork among his Navajo friends.  He is primarily interested in ceremonial culture, but has been privileged to experience many dimensions of the Navajo way of life.

Charlie and the Chuskas.jpg (36656 bytes)Anthropologist in the field in Navajoland

Charlie in the field.jpg (50158 bytes)Anthropologist studying the literature in his trailer

Artist at work.jpg (49113 bytes)Navajo artist at work

Cowboys 2.jpg (29411 bytes)Navajo cowboys

Dance Contest.jpg (64896 bytes)Dance contest

Grandfather.jpg (66544 bytes)Walking with grandfather

Gutting a lamb.jpg (40648 bytes)Dressing a lamb for a feast

Irrigation Time.jpg (58895 bytes)Irrigation time in the spring

Lonesome Cabin.jpg (57713 bytes)Lonely cabin on the rez

Looking back in time.jpg (53149 bytes)Looking back in time

Navajo Cops.jpg (70829 bytes)Navajo cops -- can you recognize Joe Leaphorn  or Jim Chee?

Navajo weaver.jpg (57264 bytes)Wonderful Two Grey Hills weaver

Pedalling Around.jpg (72546 bytes)Pedaling around with grandpa

Sheep pen.jpg (61987 bytes)Sheep, sheep everywhere!

Smiling face.jpg (34658 bytes)Smiling face from the pickup truck

Wagon Wheel.jpg (71163 bytes)Post and wheel

Wash-Out.jpg (49417 bytes)Primitive road washout, very modern remedy

Window Rock.jpg (58370 bytes)Window Rock, the Navajo Nation's capital

Although officially retired in 2001 from Carleton University, Charlie continues to work with folks wanting to study biogenetic structuralism.   He has also entered into a very satisfying project with anthropologist, C. Jason Throop , to develop a new approach to linking mind, body and culture -- a perspective we call cultural neurophenomenology .


Charlie has authored, co-authored and edited a number of published books, chapters and articles. The following is a fairly complete oeuvre:

[] Books

1974 Biogenetic Structuralism (with Eugene d'Aquili), Columbia University Press.

1979 An Ethnography of the So of Northeastern Uganda, (2 vols; with Elizabeth Allgeier) New Haven, Conn.: HRAF Press.

1984 Science as Cognitive Process: Toward An Empirical Philosophy of Science, (with R. Rubinstein and J. McManus), Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

1985 Biogenetic Structuralism, (Japanese edition), Tokyo: Tuttle-Mori.

1990 Brain, Symbol and Experience: Toward a Neurophenomenology of Consciousness (with J. McManus and E.G. d'Aquili), New York: Columbia University Press.

1992 Scientific Explanation and the Life-World: A Biogenetic Structural Theory of Meaning and Causation. IONS Report CP-2, Sausalito, CA: Institute of Noetic Sciences (Monograph).

[] Edited Books

1978 Extinction and Survival in Human Populations (with I.A. Brady) Columbia University Press.

1979 The Spectrum of Ritual, (with E.G. d'Aquili and J. McManus) Columbia University Press.

1990 Guest editor of special issue of Pre- and Peri-Natal Psychology Journal, Vol. 4, devoted to Pre- and Peri- Natal Anthropology.

1993 Guest editor of special issue of the Journal of Ritual Studies, Vol. 7(1) devoted to Sport as Ritual.

[] Articles in Refereed Journals

1971 "Anthropologist: Partisan or Facilitator?" Maxwell Review, Spring.

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n.d. "Cultural Neurophenomenology: Integrating Experience, Culture and Reality Through Fisher Information." (with Jason Throop) (ms submitted for publication)

[] Chapters in Edited Books

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2005 "Anthropology of Consciousness" in P. D. Zelazo, M. Moscovitch, & E. Thompson (Eds.), Cambridge handbook of consciousness . New York: Cambridge University Press (with Jason Throop).

[] Courses Taught Over the Years

Undergraduate courses:

Principles of Anthropology

Theory and Methods in Anthropology

Human Ecology

Research Methods

Introductory Anthropology

Anthropology Through Science Fiction

Theoretical Anthropology

Economic Systems

Contemporary Societies of Africa

Psychological Anthropology

Anthropological Linguistics

Anthropology of Consciousness

Symbolic Systems

Anthropology and Phenomenology

Medical Anthropology

Ethnographic Enterprise

Biocultural Anthropology

Technology, Mind and Culture

Religion and Society

Graduate courses:

Economic Anthropology

Kinship Systems

Sub-Saharan African Ethnography

Structural Analysis and Formal Models

Phenomenological Anthropology

Signs and Symbols

Archetypes and Anthropology

[] Fieldwork Experiences

1969-1970 A year in the field among the So of northeastern Uganda. These are a cattle-herding and horticultural people living on three mountains in Karamoja District, Uganda. The focus of his research was upon survival and economic activity of a society under severe deprivation.

1978-1985 A number of trips to Nepal and India to study Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques. Became a monk for seven years. The focus of this period of research was upon altered states and contemplative traditions, as well as upon monastic culture. On a number of occasions, traveled among Chinese Buddhists in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

1991- Present  Fieldwork emphasis among the Navajo people of the American Southwest. Made six trips to Navajo over this period. The focus of his research has been upon their system of symbolic healing and their mythology. 

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